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celebrate one

Doing what it takes

to keep our kids safe.

Every year, about 22 babies die in our community due to unsafe sleep practices - that’s the size of a standard kindergarten class. In fact, sleep-related infant deaths are a major reason for Franklin County’s high infant mortality rate, and they are the leading cause of death for babies who are one month to one year of age. We were tasked with helping reduce the community’s alarming infant mortality rate by 40 percent and cut the racial health disparity gap in half by 2020 by educating and providing tips and evidence-based advice to educate families on safe sleep - saving babies one conversation at a time.


We were engaged by The Saunders Company to provide media, branding, marketing services and assist with strategy for CelebrateOne’s Safe Sleep and Home Visiting efforts.

It was crucial that we engaged and informed hard-to-reach audiences by equipping them with information that was easy to access and understand.


Through our work with The Saunders Company our team executed a video series and brand strategy to help support community outreach efforts.





asset creation

logo development

talent acquisition

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VIDEO production

Digital content is in demand. With more and more people gaining access to content at their finger tips, it is imperative that you build a campaign around content volume. This usually is expensive and cumbersome, so our goal for those who aren't looking to develop an entire video production team is to create evergreen content that comes without any date stamp, that way it can be used for the foreseeable future.


toolkits & logos

We further developed existing education and outreach information by creating a digital toolkit and print guides that consisted of tips for moms and caretakers on how to integrate safe sleep behaviors as part of a consistent routine with taking care of babies and assist with serving them as they grow.

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Multiple Campaigns,

endless results.

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special delivery

We recommended and assisted in the execution of a culturally specific, multi-tiered approach for this engagement, with a heavy focus on digital strategies, augmented by a dynamic mix of radio, newly created videos, commuter advertising, events, web support, electronic marketing, paid/organic social media; and limited print.



We augmented the education and outreach information with the development of a digital tool kit, which is available online, that contains tips for moms and families on how to integrate safe sleep behavior as part of the consistent routine with taking care of baby.

8,500,000+ Impressions

6 events

3 live remotes



with you here

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