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ohio suicide prevention foundation

We are all mightier

than we know.

We joined forces with the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation to bring awareness around the mental health challenges that black teens are facing, across Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, in an effort to create solutions for teens who feel like suicide is an option - to help bridge the gap to reach black youth. Together, we are working alongside teens, parents and community members to bring about change to an issue that has been swept under the rug for far too long.

Our messaging to bring awareness is rooted in inspiration, hope and support that provides direction during potential crises. Through research, we are helping to build a network of resources and support groups that will specifically meet the needs of black teens. As we continue this work, our hope is to meet the needs of our youth by truly listening to what they have to say.


micro-site development

video production

brand development

pop-up logistics

media buying

Campaign Reach >200,000

Increased engagement by 65%



Our mission was to create visual branding that immediately jumped out at observers and forced their attention on this very important issue. This branding is consistent across all media assets as well as the micro-site. Simple images, bold colors, brash delivery.

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Creating safe environments where we could foster encouraging interactions as well as helpful resources began as a small addition to the movement and ended up playing a larger role. Our initial pop-up experience took place in Columbus, OH and would go on to spread to Cincinnati and Cleveland as well, with hopes of many more stops in the near future.


Our partnership with the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation began as a project but turned into so much more. We are proud of the work we have done on such an important issue and the continued partnership only means that there is room for so much more that needs to be done.

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One connection could save a life.





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