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If we cannot do it ourselves we will still find a way to

get it done.

Branding is more about problem solving than it is anything else, and we are the mathematicians of brand development.

Canvaas Consulting was created for one purpose; to creatively help our partners articulate a diverse, fluid and cohesive brand message that would be consistent across all platforms. We are a collective of individuals from separate industries who identified flaws in our respective fields and decided to combine in order to ‘do something about it’ and correct these areas that lack innovative ideas. With a combined 50+ years of experience, Canvaas is a qualified firm with services for any range of scope.

Our key capabilities lie in developing clear and visually stimulating content and strategies through graphic design, videography, copy-writing, strategy and media management for digital, audio or print.

We are a multi-faceted agency of passionate and problem-solving talent, where each partner shares a vested interest in each project as if it was their own. Our purpose is to build relationships while providing a strong network of resources and an environment that encourages innovation above all through the ability to work whenever, from wherever, on whatever.


Creativity cannot be bound by four walls, it comes through life experiences, so we also do not believe that it should be limited by traditional office hours or processes. Each of our collaborations should be tailored to accommodate our partners' needs.

Sole Classics

for Vans

Prime Social

Spread Love,

not Covid

Life is better

with you here.

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Design is the framework of great business and we design with a purpose, specializing in developing brand guidelines, logos, maps, web design, apparel, illustration, assets and so much more. If you dream it, we can create it.



Our wide production lens includes, but is not limited to, videography, live experiential, audio production, team leading, and curriculum building. Our primary focus is to take the pressure off of our partners so that they can focus on doing what they do so well.


Sometimes the need is not for the creation of content as much as it is for the management of established assets. We have been responsible for managing media buying for some of the most critical campaigns as well as running pop-ups and social media for some very popular brands. From creators to doers.



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