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Creating a prime


One of our most lively clients, Prime Social, contracted our firm to re-develop the branding for their series of nationally recognized festivals. We were granted the opportunity to re-imagine their logos, and create their signature tagline “A Prime Experience” amongst a vast number of supporting designs and creative directions.


Through the course of any given year, we were responsible for the creative direction for upwards of 15-20 different Prime Social festivals. With that comes the management of promotional assets, experiential assets and salable goods. Each and every asset for all the festivals were either created by us or rolled through our office for approval, totaling well over 1,000 assets – some of which were urgent to keep up with the ever-changing artist expectations of the festival world.

Through continued partnership, Prime Social has the goal of becoming one of the most recognizable festival brands on the planet and one that sees value in taking a risk to overhaul and re-develop its image. Change can be frightening, but through good partnership, it is always worthwhile.


LOgo development

brand re-development

map development


brand guidelines

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Our client requested that we “clean up their image” as they look to expand their brand into new markets. In under 4 months we re-designed over 5 logos including the overarching brand logo for Prime Social Group. The vision of the new direction would eventually lead to the company dropping the “PSG” nickname and focusing on the word “Prime” from their namesake so that it could flow seamlessly throughout all of their sub-brands.




Our work with Prime Social has only just begun. With the rebrand under our belts, the focus is not to continually enhance their branding year after year, but rather to create a memorable ID that matches their unforgettable concert experiences. I guess the conclusion is more of a comma than it is a period. To be continued.

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In the festival world venue maps and set times are as essential to a good experience as the acts themselves. Canvaas was tasked with building a visual map system that could be used digitally and in print and would be easy for the average consumer to digest. Our objective was to focus on simple, grid-like shapes while creating a system that made the main attractions easy to locate. Our client stressed the importance of keeping the design “fun” to maintain the festival mood and experience. Accompanying assets and sizes were also created.



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