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From the Funk capital,

to the World.

Funk. Soul. Ohio. Three four-letter words that are interwoven into the fabric of music history. While Funk music can’t be traced back and pinpointed to one exact origin, its rich history enjoys some of the most recognizable names in sound. Sole Classics and Vans launched their 6th collaborative project; The Funk Pack in order to pay homage to the state that cultivated the sound that would influence the world. Canvaas was charged with creating a true funk experience, in celebration of the release.

Both Vans and Sole Classics wanted to create a temporary pop-up experience in NYC that would help increase awareness for Vans’ elevated Vault footwear collection. The Vault by Vans is a limited-edition brand only available for a hand selected number of boutiques – less than 50 stores globally carry this elevated product. Vans doesn’t even sell it on their own website. As one of the roughly two-dozen shops in the US chosen to carry the Vault collection, Sole Classics was able to collaborate and create an experiential release in the heart of the Big Apple, bringing attention to both brands, while launching simultaneously in Ohio.



product design

asset design

video production

pop-up logistics



New York City has one famous mantra; “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” Sole Classics wanted to test their brand’s reach by launching the collaborative footwear project and accompanying apparel in SOHO (Manhattan). To do so, we tapped into our resources to find the perfect location, handled staffing, travel and logistics for the Ohio boutique while they simultaneously planned for their launch in their stores back home in Columbus.

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product development

New York-based streetwear gatekeeper, 10 Deep, a brand that needs no introduction, afforded us an opportunity to complement their footwear collaboration. We have been fans of the brand forever and believe that 10 Deep is a major force responsible for constantly moving the culture forward, while remaining organic to its roots. These creative expressions represent the album artwork of that time.

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>800,000 impressions

>1,000 units sold

21% social growth

With a limited marketing budget, Canvaas created and executed a plan to leverage our relationship with top media platforms like Complex and Sneakernews to cover the Vault launch experience and milestones leading up to the pop-up event. Together, we successfully collaborated to release the product in-store simultaneously in New York, Dublin, OH and online at

The Canvaas team led 100% of this project, from product creation to video production to recap deck. All created in-house by our talented team.


We produced, recorded and printed an actual vinyl album.

A big part of this project was to create an overall experience that matched the vibe of that era of music. Along with video, a coordinated wardrobe and graphics, we were able to take this collaboration a step further by producing an actual vinyl record to be given away to those who would wait in line in both cities. For this album, we not only came up with the concept, we wrote and produced the music, and laid out all of the artwork. Yep, one stop shop.



We helped to sell over $55,000 worth of merchandise within the first 12 hours of the release, which included the release of four collaborative tops with 10Deep, two hats, a women’s top, two men’s tops, a pair of bottoms, socks and a tote bag that tied in with the footwear. To enhance the entire experience, a vinyl album with all original music was created as a giveaway to the first 100 people in line who made a purchase. Day one sales shattered their previous release by over 27%. We were able to expand both brand’s digital footprint organically while maintaining a very limited marketing budget.




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