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FRANKLIN county public health

Let's Spread Love,


In partnership with Franklin County Public Health, we developed a brand and comprehensive campaign speaking to residents of Franklin County providing guidance and awareness around COVID-19 healthy practices, while encouraging acts of kindness to uplift community morale during the pandemic.


This campaign presented the opportunity to develop a collection of masks in support of public safety as we highlighted the message of wearing a mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

With the nation on lock-down, we wanted to provide a feel good experience for the residents of Franklin County, as a way to connect with one another as a form of escapism. Through this event, we were able to showcase the pride of Franklin County and talent that lives right here, locally. This event was streamed live through social media and included a virtual photo booth for participants to share themselves enjoying the show! We were truly able to display the power of unity during difficult times. Towards the end of 2020, our work had a reach of more than 3 million but our work continues.


micro-site development

video direction

logo development


media buying

How else can we say 'fast'?

Four commercials from concept to market in 16 days.

Yes, you read that correctly. By far our fastest turnaround, with time to spare.

Four production teams were put together to work on four separate Holiday commercials simultaneously. Canvaas wrote the scripts, created the shot list and led the direction of all four then also was responsible for getting them scheduled in the market. Not too bad right? Just a typical week at the office, we will get anything done for our partners.

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The Covid-19 virus struck our world in a way that no one could ever anticipate or prepare for and because there has been so much mixed messaging along the way we, along with most others, have found ourselves burned out and drained from the messaging. In order to help 'Spread Love' we decided to call on some of our relationships to host a virtual festival on behalf of our partners at Franklin County Public Health. During this hour-long digital event we hosted some of the most recognizable names in town to give people a reason to smile a little. We are all fighting together, but sometimes even the bravest soldier needs a moment to relax. Our goal was for this to offer that moment.

25,880 viewers

200k+ impressions

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Print, print, print. With so much emphasis on digital media we often see brands forget about the impact of physical touch. Print graphics not only reach those who may not actively frequent digital media outlets but also those who do not have access. Print graphics are and will always a very important piece to any messaging strategy. They key is to make something that stands out above the rest.

IN the field

Social Reach >70,000 Campaign Reach > 3 Million

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Love is contagious and this campaign spread in ways that we could not imagine. We are extremely grateful for our partners at Franklin County Public Health for their vision to create messaging that focused on a new approach toward the Coronavirus pandemic. While we understood from the beginning that this would be a temporary campaign and we would eventually come to the end of the pandemic, we now have a precedent for future messaging focused around creating positive change through inspiration rather than fear messaging.

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